C. L. C. Voskuil (fl. 1861-1896), Amsterdam.

In 1861 Christiaan Lambertus Cornelis Voskuil (*1832-1909) opens a stationary and artists' supplies shop in the Reguliersbreestraat Y562 in Amsterdam, later moving to larger premises in the Reguliersbreestraat 30-32. In 1876 partners G.A. Endel and A.J. Nuss (*1843-1919) take over the shop but as a stipulation continue under the name of C.L.C. Voskuil until 1896. The bookshop at Reguliersbreestraat 30-32 continues after the death of A.J. Nuss in 1919. Unclear when the shop went out of business, possibly during the 1940s.

Algemeen Handelsblad 23-03-1861
Algemeen Handelsblad 23-03-1861
Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad 03-10-1890
Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad 03-10-1890

C.L.C. Voskuil

The case suggests French manufacture, retailed by Voskuil in Amsterdam. The set features ball-head dividers, fixed proportional dividers, and ruling pens with ornately finialed handles, all in a polished mahogany wood case. 4rd quarter 19th c. Case 246x146x49mm.

A small set retailed by Voskuil in Amsterdam. The ink-pen insert is missing.

Case 205x68x20mm.







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4. Sighted was a drawing set with ball-head dividers and in the lid printed in gold Schouten & Voskuil Leidschestraat 75 Amsterdam. The line of stationary shops at Leidschestraat 75 Amsterdam begins with S. Van Helden (est. 1860? Heiligen Weg D230), J.A. Schouten & Co. (partners J.A. Schouten and B.L. Voskuil) succeed Van Helden in 1883, Nieuwsblad voor den Boekhandel jrg 50, 1883, no 36, 04-05-1883. When B.L. reaches the age of 21 in 1888, the name changes to Schouten & Voskuil; Algemeen Handelsblad 28-08-1888. Unclear when the shop went out of business, possibly during the 1930s, their last advert appears in 1931. Bartholomeus Lambertus Voskuil (*1867-1941) son of C.L.C. Voskuil. See obituary Haarlems Dagblad 08-02-1941, p. 2.