What’s New...
  June 2018
  overview parallel dividers added
  May 2018
  Dutch brass rule ca. 1700
  North drawing set mid 18th c.
  Gebr. Caminada brass drawing set
  French gothic turnabout compass
  Pieter Bayens drawing set ca 1825
  Steidtmann & Roitzsch drawing set #206
  December 2017
  Richard Jensen page added
  June 2017
  Johann Eichmüller (Ecobra) page added
  Bruno Appelt page added
  May 2017
  Johann Starck page added
  April 2017
  Steidtmann & Roitzsch update
  F.E. Hertel & Co. update
  March 2017
  Transversal scale 18th c. Paris and Vienna
  January 2017
  update French dotters (pointilleurs)
  Jules Dupuit chartometer early 20th c.
  German drawing set early 1700 [11]
  November 2016
  Kraft & Sohn page update
  October 2016
  Dutch brass protractor 1750-1800 
  Ertel page update
  Kern Aarau page added
  Amsler planimeters page update
  Oldendorp planimeterzirkel
  August 2016
  Haff page update
  July 2016
  Reisszeugfabrik Hertel Neu-Coswig Dresden
  Schoenner page update
  Lipkens page update
  K+E page update: catalogues / references
  June 2016
  Fritz Hölbe drawing set
  Alwin Berger drawing set
  Albert Lepetit optical square
  Richter proportional compass
  March 2016
  Dutch brass protractor 1750-1800
  Ertel & Sohn Kilometerzirkel
  February 2016
  Essling protractor early 1700s
  January 2016
  19th c. surveying textbooks
  November 2015
  Dutch brass protractor 1750-1800
  Breithaupt geological compass ca. 1850
  August 2015
  Großberger & Kurz drawing set ca. 1900
  July 2015
  Pieter Bayens protractor early 1800s
  Ertel & Sohn double optical square
  Lotter Ellypso 1 ellipsograph
  Richter double drop bow compass
  Hommel-Esser beam compass no. 3640
  Picard perspective drawing device 1895

We shall again have a stall at the Brica-Sciences Fair in Bures-sur-Yvette on 14 October 2018, and invite all with an interest in scientific instruments to attend this annual fair. Hope to see you there!