A. J. Schokking Jr. (fl. 1862-1903), Amsterdam.

Arend Jurriaan Schokking Sr (*1800-†1869) mathematical, scientific and nautical instrument-maker is succeeded by sons Arend Juriaan Schokking Jr (*1837-†1903) and Jan Arend Jurriaan Schokking (*1829-†1890) who establish Gebroeders Schokking in 1862 in Amsterdam. The company does not survive long however and is dissolved in August of the same year.  A.J. subsequently sets up his own shop temporarily at Zeedijk K363, then in 1863 moves to Oude Waal 53, and finally to Rokin 123 in 1873. A.J. marries Wilhelmina Henrietta Tancrelle in 1866. The company continues after A.J.'s death in 1903, and in 1923 move to Kalverstraat 151 (Algemeen Handelsblad 29-11-1923). Their last advertisement appears in De Telegraaf 13-04-1929.




A.J. Schokking drawing set, 2nd half 19th century.
A.J. Schokking drawing set, 2nd half 19th century.



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SCHOKKING Jr., Arend Jurriaan (1854/1855-1936) As an instrument maker, Schokking Jr. succeeded his father in their Amsterdam shop (started in 1853). He greatly profited from the erection of a new type of school for secondary education, the Hogere Burgerschool, which concentrated on the sciences. Also, he delivered to three Dutch colonies, and abroad. In the 1880s he won several awards at international exhibitions. The workshop of Schokktng Sr. was in the Langestraat. The firm moved to the Zeedijk in 1863, and the next year to the Oudewaal. In 1873 the address became Rokin 123; the firm stayed there until 1925. For two years, 1909-1910, A.J. Schokking jr. was active in Haarlem, Gierstraat 66. It seems to have been an attempt too fill in the gap caused by the retirement of H. Meeuwig. Schokking was soon replaced by the firm of Gebrs. Verpoorten, which started in 1910. Adresboek Amsterdam; Adresboek Haarlem; Municipal Archives Amsterdam.  


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