Société des Lunetiers

Dotting pen

This Société des Lunetiers dotting pen seems identical to the Pointilleur Universel ou Linéotome No.1 in the L. Pape, Succr: Catalogue illustré (d'instruments de mathématiques et de dessin). See [2] for complete catalogue. For other early 20th c. French dotters see reference [4]. 


Proportional dividers

Société des Lunetiers proportional dividers with an engraved scale of lines. The scale of lines is numbered from 1 to 10, and the index of the slide being brought to any of these divisions, the distance DE will measure AB in that proportion. Thus, if the index is set at 3, DE will be 1/3 the distance of AB.


There are actually 2 logos in the lid. One is of the manufacturer Société des Lunetiers, symbolised by a 3-arm candelabra and the initials S and L. The second logo Unis France (United France) established in 1916 by the l’Union Nationale Inter-Syndicale des Marques Collectives was not a trademark but a national label, a guarantee that the product was manufactured in France.




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