Jules Dupuit (*1804-†1866)

French engineer and economist. 

Roulette de Dupuit, a chartometer for calculating areas, invented by Dupuit in the late 1830s.


















Roulette de Dupuit improved version by Cabasson, early 1900s. 

Fig.1.: The original Dupuit chartometer (roulette de Dupuit), first published in Annales des Ponts et Chaussées in 1844. [2].

Fig.2.: The improved Dupuit chartometer. illustration from E. Vincent; Arpentage, levé des plans et nivellement  par les Frères des écoles chrétiennes, Elzear Vincent, Quebec 1875. Internet Archive.

Fig.3.: The improved Dupuit chartometer by Cabasson as illustrated in H. Morin Catalogue Général 1910-11, 37th Ed., p.118.  



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